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The Humboldt-Innovation GmbH (HI) is the company of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. As a wholly-owned subsidiary and the knowledge and technology transfer office of the university, HI acts as a liaison between university and industry – between science and business.

Research Services
On behalf of the university, Humboldt-Innovation realises contract research projects and scientific services between HU scientists and private companies or the public sector: competent, flexible, as well as within short time frames.

Venture Service
Humboldt-Innovation is the first-stop shop and service-centre for Spin-Offs from the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and its associates. The company acts as a partner during start-up and all following phases.

Humboldt-Innovation organises presentations and workshops, conducts studies and counsels clients on the topic of knowledge and technology transfer. Additionally, HI supports HU scientists with developing and implementing utilisation plans.

Humboldt-Innovation offers tailor-made services at the interface between science and business in the area of knowledge and technology transfer.

Humboldt-Innovation operates all merchandising activities for the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and the Berlin Museum of Natural History. The company actively markets the university's archive materials and other resources.


News ( in German )

B!GRÜNDET Sommerfest zu Gast beim Gründungsservice der HU
Premiere des Tischtennisturniers war ein voller Erfolg
Die Humboldt-Innovation kooperiert mit der Handelsblatt Global Edition
Handelsblatt Global Edition in Zusammenarbeit mit der Humboldt-Innovation, der ...
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Events ( in German )

Mit dem jährlichen „Forum Junge Spitzenforscher“ bietet die Stiftung Industrieforschung in Kooperation mit der Humboldt-Innovation jungen Forschern/innen die Möglichkeit der Wirtschaft originelle und praxisrelevante Forschungsergebnisse und Lösungsansätze aus ihrer Arbeit zu präsentieren.
Berliner Gründl
Nach der Sommerpause startet am 4. Oktober 2016 ab 18:30 Uhr wieder das Gründer-Networkevent der HU Berlin: das Berliner Gründl!
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Berlin´s Startup Scene #5 Ascribe

What it lacks in traditional industry, it makes up for with innovative startups.
Handelsblatt Global Edition´s special takes a look at eight companies helping to transform the “poor but sexy” city into a darling of Germany Inc. 
Part 5 looks at how artists can still earn a living in the age of digital downloading with Ascribe.
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Interview with chancellor Merkel

Volker Hofmann, managing director of Humboldt-Innovation, interviewing chancellor Merkel.