GO-Bio Public Grant

The SPIN-OFF Team of Humboldt-Innovation competently consults in the application process for government grants and private funding. We are looking forward to connect you to founding relevant contacts, experts and founders from the network.

SPIN-OFF team of Humboldt-Innovation
Humboldt-University of Berlin

Mail: Request for counceling interview
Phone: +49 (30) 2093 70760

Who is supported?

Research teams which have the intention and willingness to found a company are supported. The teams can consist of:
  • young, in the research experienced research groups at universities or non-university research institutions, which are winners in the competition
  • persons with perennial experience in research and development in companies
  • persons from medicine with perennial clinical experience

What is supported?

The participation of the work group at the competition "GO-Bio". The university or research institution offers the work space (basic equipment of lab and further infrastructure) which is required for the execution of the project. Even developed projects from running or recently finished projects from basic research can be supported.

The award winners get the chance to execute with an own work group economically promising new research approaches in the bio science independently in Germany and help to get it to the commercial exploitation.

Topics in the bio science as well as in the border areas, which have a high commercial and clinical innovation potential and can be aligned to the economic exploitation should be worked on.

How does the support work?

The support counts for two phases of each maximum 3 years. Therefore the research team must emerge as an award winner of the competition.

First phase: Work on the application potential of the development and the technological validation, development of concrete commercialization- or clinical application strategies, support for:
  • Employees up to 100% (not permanent staff)
  • investments
  • expenses for professional proof by patent law
  • costs for the registration of property rights
  • expenses for a founder coaching max. € 25,000 a year
  • allocation of orders

2. Phase: Umsetzung der Strategien in die wirtschaftliche Verwertung, Strategieentwicklung für die Markteinführung insbesondere im Rahmen einer unternehmerischen Selbständigkeit
  • Einwerbung einer privatwirtschaftlich aufgebrachten Kofinanzierung
  • Förderung von Projektleiter und der Postdoktoranden auf max. 9 Personenmonate pro Jahr begrenzt

What must be considered?
  • applicant is the respective university or non-university research institution, where the work group is located
  • The application process is two-stage: submitting of a project draft, invitation for the formal application

Further information:              Flyer GO-Bio