Humboldt-Innovation acts as an agent to help in the acquisition of different forms of funding for Spin-Offs and promising start-up teams.

Depending on the stage of development we assist with the application for public funding and negotiate subsequent funding through our close links to angel investors, venture capitalists, banks and crowd funding platforms.

Public Grants

The intensity of support on behalf of the Humboldt-Innovation-staff is related to the sincerity of the start-up project, the quality of the team and the potential market value of the idea and technology.

The clearly defined goal of Humboldt-Innovation is to maximise the conversion of early phase start-ups into successfully operating companies, which are consequently well established in their markets.

Each research-based start-up is supported by initially reviewing and evaluating the concept and estimating the potential by means of a feedback-based appraisal. In-depth discussion with the entrepreneurs has resulted in an exceptionally high success rate for public funding applications, e.g. EXIST-Gründerstipendium and EXIST-Forschungstransfer.

Depending on the objectives and basic conditions of the start-up, further public funding (e.g. EXIST-Forschungstransfer, ProFIT, VIP, GO-Bio, Transfer BONUS, High-Tech Gründerfonds) can be applied for with the assistance of the Humboldt-Innovation-staff.

Different public grants are offered for different founding phases:


founding phase


Please consider, that Humboldt-Innovation can't assume liability for the actuality and correctness of the government grant descriptions.

High-Tech Gründerfonds

The High-Tech Gründerfonds has a volume of € 573,5  million and supports newly founded technology companies, which are based on research and development initiatives. The companies should develop a prototype or bring the product to the market with the help of the equity financing. Humboldt-Innovation offers founders direct contact to the High-Tech Gründerfonds as an accredited institution.

Venture Capital and Angel Investors

Business Angel Club
Humboldt-Innovation facilitates access to regional and national venture capital partners, specialised in a broad spectrum of industries. After a pre-screening procedure, ideas with potential are referred to Inflect. The investment decision is met after detailed due-diligence.
In cooperation with established private investors from the Berlin region, Humboldt-Innovation has established a broad Angel Investor Network, with expertise in a wide range of different markets and technologies. Selected start-ups related to the university are provided the opportunity to present their business idea to investors within the network, getting constructive feedback and, in the best-case scenario, receiving funding through angel investors’ capital.

Crowd funding

First London Securities
Humboldt-Innovation has also contact to different crowd funding platforms, which can help startups to raise capital. Through their platform they match directly between founders and investors.

Banks and financial institutions

Humboldt-Innovation is in contact with selected banks. For example the contact to the KompetenzCenter Gründungen & Unternehmensnachfolge of the Berliner Sparkasse is quite close.