VIP Government Grant

The SPIN-OFF Team of Humboldt-Innovation competently consults in the application process for government grants and private funding. We are looking forward to connect you to founding relevant contacts, experts and founders from the network.

SPIN-OFF team of Humboldt-Innovation
Humboldt-University of Berlin

Mail: Request for counceling interview
Phone: +49 (30) 2093 70760

Who is supported?

The government grant adresses scientists from universities of applied science, non-university research institutions (which are financed by the federal government and the federal state) as well as federal instituations with r&d tasks.

What is supported?

VIP supports projects in all research areas, which proof the economic potential and technical feasibility of research results. The chosen topics should be located in bio science as well as in its border areas, which could have a high commercial or clinical innovation potential and are focused on an economic exploitation.

How does the support work?

The following conditions for subsidy are given for a term of upto three years: th subsidy should in general not exceed the sumof € 500,000 each initiative and year (which means all together € 1,500,000). Supported are:
  • funding for stuff, material and travelling expenses as well as
  • as an exeption project-related investments, which do not count to the basic equipment of the applicant

What must be considered?

  • there must be a promising research result and the idea to make the result economically usable
  • there must be an innovation jump
  • the innovation mentor must be included
  • the application must be done through the relevant university

Further information:            Flyer Validierungsförderung