Transfer BONUS

The SPIN-OFF Team of Humboldt-Innovation competently consults in the application process for government grants and private funding. We are looking forward to connect you to founding relevant contacts, experts and founders from the network.

SPIN-OFF team of Humboldt-Innovation
Humboldt-University of Berlin

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Phone: +49 (30) 2093 70760

Cooperations between business and science, which are supported by the Transfer BONUS, support the development of innovation, products and services to develop further and ensure the long-term sustainability of the Berlin SME.

Who is supported?

Technologyoriented or not-technologyoriented SME, whose project has a strong technology reference and which have there headquaters (at least a site) in Berlin are supported.

What is supported?

The Transfer BONUS subsidizes the usage of services of scientific institutions from Berlin and Brandenburg for the realization of projects of the applied research and development. The service must be from the area of technology- and knowledgetransfer. The aim of the project as well as the content might not correspond to a commercial standard service.

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