Humboldt-Innovation acts as an agent to help in the acquisition of different forms of funding for Spin-Offs and promising start-up teams:

Depending on the stage of development we assist with the application for public funding and negotiate subsequent funding through our close links to angel investors and venture capitalists.

Berlin Kredit

You are searching for a financial partner for starting your company? While you are building up a Berlin company, IBB supports you with your "Berlin Kredit" with low interests. Whatever you plan in the founding phase, your investment and your utilities are supported with a long-term financing. The credit duration is adapted to your needs in a flexible way.

Further information:

- the government grant Berlin Kredit presented by Humboldt-Innovation


You are in the founding phase and you want to extent the competences of your company, to position yourself succesful in the market? One way to create suitable conditions for that aim, is to hire qualificated university or university of applied science graduates. When you hire them with the Innovationsassistent you will be supported with staff expense grants.

Further information:

- the government grant Innovationsassistent presented by Humboldt-Innovation


You are a founder and you want to realize with your company technological new- or further developments? It is of now importance whether you are with your new product, process or service at the state of research or of market entry. With funding by ProFIT all phases of the innovation process can be supported.

Further information:

- the government grant ProFIT presented by Humboldt-Innovation

Mikrokredit aus KMU-Fonds

You need for the foundation of your company a small credit for short term? The traditional applications are too time-consuming? There are micro credits up to € 25k from the KMU-Fonds. Your advantage: The quite easy application. You don't need a business plan, liquidity planning or profitability outlook.

Further information:

- the government grant "Mikrokredit aus KMU-Fonds" presented by Humboldt-Innovation

Neue Märkte erschließen

You have a small- or medium-sized company with offices in Berlin and want to open up new markets in foreign countries with your product or service? To foster your international competitiveness, your internationalization into new markets can be supported.

Further information:

- the government grant "Neue Märkte erschließen" presented by Humboldt-Innovation

Transfer Bonus

Small and medium sized companies from Berlin receive from the Transfer BONUS subsidy for kooperation with scientific institutions. Own departments for research- and development services (like large companies have them) are not payable for SMEs. But scientific know-how can have crutial influence on the innovation on products and services.

Further information:

- the government grant Transfer BONUS presented by Humboldt-Innovation

Design Transfer Bonus

The new Berlin government grant "Design Transfer Bonus" supports the transfer of design know-how of companies from the design business as well as from universities towards small- and medium-sized companies (SMEs) that offer technologyoriented products and services.

Further information:

- the government grant Design Transfer Bonus presented by Humboldt-Innovation

VC-Fonds Kreativwirtschaft Berlin

The creative economy takes an outstanding role in Berlin: Regardless of the branch, film-, television- or music-producers, fashion-, advertising- or game-designers, publishing houses, artists, architects - their performance has become an important economic factor for the city. They all bring growth and employment.

Further information:

- the government grant VC-Fonds Kreativwirtschaft Berlin presented by Humboldt-Innovation

VC-Fonds Technologie Berlin

The VC Fonds Technology Berlin is the result of a mutual initiative of the Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) and the federal state of Berlin. The VC Fonds Technology Berlin aims at taking a share in young Berlin technology companies with growth potential, which are working in the focus- and key-technology fields of Berlin.

Further information:

- the government grant VC-Fonds Technologie Berlin presented by Humboldt-Innovation


With the ERP-Kapital you can finance the foundation of a company or a free-lance existence in Germany as well as reinforcing measures within three years after starting your business. This program of subordinate loan strengthens your equity basis and helps you on the way to take loans, which you will need additionally for the funding of your business- or reinforcing investments.

Further information

- the government grant ERP-Kapital presented by Humboldt-Innovation

Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand

The ZIM started at the 01. July 2008 and offers small- and medium-sized companies till the end of 2013 a reliable perspective to support their innovation efforts. This happens through an attractive promotion of cooperation- and networkprojects and in addition since 2009 by the support of single projects.

Further information:

- the government grant "Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand" presented by Humboldt-Innovation


The BMBF opens a number of its expert fields of the research subsidy especially for projects of the top research in SME. Industrial- and precompetitive development initiatives are supported to foster the ability to innovate of small- and medium-sized companies in Germany.

Further information:

- the government grant KMU–Innovativ presented by Humboldt-Innovation

High-Tech Gründerfonds

If you are looking for venture capital, to execute your innovation in an entrepreneurial way, the High-Tech Gründerfond is interesting. Exciting research results, an innovative, technological basis and a promising market situation form the foundation of an investment.

Further information:

- the government grant High-Tech Gründerfonds presented by Humboldt-Innovation