The SPIN-OFF Team of Humboldt-Innovation competently consults in the application process for government grants and private funding. We are looking forward to connect you to founding relevant contacts, experts and founders from the network.


Für den Campus Adlershof:
Spin-Off-ZONE Adlershof
Maciej Paluszynski
Email: maciej.paluszynski[at]uv.hu-berlin.de
Tel.: 2093 4660

Für den Campus Nord/Mitte/Dahlem:
Spin-Off-ZONE Mitte
Phillip Tettenborn
Email: phillip.tettenborn[at]uv.hu-berlin.de
Tel.: 2093 70762SPIN-OFF

Who is supported?

  • research teams at universities and non-university research institutions
  • including: scienstist, technicians, lab assistants
An extention of the team of one person with management competence is possible six months after the start of the project.

What is supported?

EXIST-Forschungstransfer supports as well necessary development work for proof of the technical feasibility of research-based business ideas as wall as necessary preparations for the company start.

How does the support work?
The government grant EXIST-Forschungstranfser consists of two phases:

In the first support phase research results, which have the potential to be the foundation of a company foundation, should be developed further. This aimes at ensuring the general technical feasibility of the product idea and prepare the foundation of the company.
  • support for 18 months, extention of six months possible
  • personal expenses for at maximum three members of the research teams and one management member for twelve months
  • equipment up to € 60,000, in justified individual cases more than € 60,000

In the second phase of support the start of business as well as securing of an external financing of the company are in the focus.
  • maximum of 18 months
  • applicant can only be the company, which has been founded in the process or as a result of the first support phase
  • non-refundable grant of up to € 150,000
  • at maximum 75% of the project related costs
  • precondition: the company team gives own money as well as equity capital in the relation of 1:3 (at max. € 50,000)

What must be considered?
  • members of the research teams must at least have an academic degree
  • research teams are supported with at max. three persons. Teams might have more than three members.
  • technical extraordinary innovative product- or process ideas, whose proof of feasibility has not yet been brought
  • project leader has proof of experience in project management
  • give-in of the idea at the university in form of  assessable project draft
  • application each to the 30th June and 31st December
  • supervision of the project by a mentor of the university
  • foundation and start of the operating business need not have happend, but is valid while the duriation of the support

Further information:                Flyer EXIST Forschungstransfer                                     

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