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The SPIN-OFF Team of Humboldt-Innovation competently consults in the application process for government grants and private funding. We are looking forward to connect you to founding relevant contacts, experts and founders from the national and Berlin network.

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Das EXIST-Gründerstipendium

Der Projektträger - FZ Jülich

Wer wird mit dem EXIST-Gründerstipendium gefördert?

In welcher Höhe wird mit dem EXIST-Gründerstipendium gefördert?

Bewertungskriterien für das EXIST-Gründerstipendium 

Die Ideenskizze

Der Antragsprozess des EXIST-Gründerstipendiums - Wichtige Schritte

Der Prozess nach Förderzusage

The EXIST-Gründerstipendium is a nationwide government grant, that fosters innovative company foundations out of universities and research institutions in the early stage. Therefore the foundation should be technologically innovative with good economic perspectives. Founders are funded for one year to develop their business idea within a business plan.

Who is supported? (Stipendiaten)

  1. Scientists from public, non-profit non-university research institutions / universities
  2. Graduates and former scientific employees (max. five years after the graduation or after leaving)
  3. Students, which at the time of application have finished at least half of their studies.

What is supported?

  • Foundations must have a technical product- or process innovation or new innovative services as core
  • the innovative idea has sustainable economical success perspectives

How does the support work?

The Gründerstipendium ensures the living expenses of the founders and includes funding for administrative expenses and coaching. The maximum duration of subsidy is one year.

  • monthly personal scholarship: € 2,500 for doctors, € 2,000 for graduates and € 800 for students
  • financial support for the equipment of single foundations of up to € 10,000 and for team foundations of up to € 17,000
  • support on consulting services up to € 5,000
  • children's supplement of € 100 each children/month
  • work space free of costs as well as the usage of workshops, labs, computer centers and other institutions and ressources of the university

What must be considered?
  • founderteams are supported upto three persons (Stipendiaten). Teams can have even more members
  • teams, which consist by the majority of students, are only supported in exceptional case
  • the company might not be foundet yet
  • the give-in of the business idea at the university in form of an idea paper
  • supervision of the initiative by a mentor of the university

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