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ZIMMER Fahrradtaschen und Portemonnaies

FahrtenFuchs GmbH

The long distance transportation market in Germany is characterized by an increasing number of mobility solutions. Due to this broad spectrum of travel alternatives, it is challenging for customers to identify the connection that best suits their needs. This lack of transparency results in poor choices by customers, and an inefficient and ineffective transportation system in general.
FahrtenFuchs enables travellers to organize and book long distance trips more easily by integrating all means of transportation into one platform. This integration is made possible by an innovative address-based search algorithm. Unlike with existing search engines, the user doesn’t enter nearby stops known to him or her such as a train station, but instead enters his or her actualstarting point and destination, such as a home address. The algorithm is able to compare these search queries on a per-route basis with all available offers. The user gets a result that is efficient in terms of geographical aspects, timing and cost.
By integrating all of these modes of transportation, FahrtenFuchs focuses on better use of existing connections and the promotion of shared transports. Inspired by car-pooling, FahrtenFuchs and tour-bus providers have created the concept of tour-bus pooling– a unique way of leveraging free capacities of bus tours as a mobility solution. A bus tour consists of a transfer and a touristic program at the destination; FahrtenFuchs detaches the touristic program from the ride and mediates the free seats to travellers that are only interested in the transfer. There is immense potential in creating a reliable and eco-friendly transportation solution centred on these unused seats. Over 4,000 bus companies in Germany offer bus tours for all kinds of touristic events and sights, such as to musicals or famous cities. In 2011 the volume of these rides totalled 21.3 billion seat-kilometres. The average utilization of 66% on these tours reveals at least 10.65 billion non-utilized seat-kilometres per year. For a better illustration, this equals 18.52 million people travelling one way from Berlin to Cologne every year. Every passenger using a bus rather than a car reduces CO2 emission by 11.2 kg per 100 km.


Julian Hauck
Bastian Porzner
Johannes Thunert

FahrtenFuchs enables customers to find, compare and book tour-bus pooling rides and all remote busses. An innovative search algorithm allows users to enter his or her actualstarting point and destination - such as a home address – and always find the best connection. The vision of FahrtenFuchs is to integrate all means of transportation in one platform and improve the efficiency of the transport system in general.

Year of foundation: 2012
Department: Geography Department 
Mentor: Prof. Dr. Barbara Lenz